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Rules of Game


Uniform of a KHOKHO player shall include sports/canvas shoes (free from any metal part anywhere that may cause injury), short and vest (half sleeves) or ‘T’- shirt for men and boys, shirt or ‘T’- shirt for women and girls. Each player shall be numbered in front and back of his/her ‘T’-shirt/shirt with number in solid colour, contrasting with the colour of ‘T’-shirt/shirt.

The number shall be printed / stitched of size 10cms. high and 2cms. width in the front and 20 cms high and 2cms. width on the back. Contravention of the rule using lesser size will be treated as misbehavior. The numbers shall be printed from 1 to 15. Players of the same side shall neither ware duplicate numbers nor change numbers during a tournament/championship (In case the need arises, referee will allow the change of chest numbers). Manager shall furnish scorer-1 the list of players and chest numbers.


All players must know the rules of the game and abide by the rules. ,%W% During the game, a player may address the referee only through the team captain. The team captain may address the referee and shall be the spokesman for his players. He may also address the other officials but only on matters concerning their duties.


The managers, coaches and substitutes shall sit in the place provided for them. The following acts are punishable:

  • Persistent addressing of officials concerning their decisions.
  • Making derogatory remarks to officials.
  • Committing actions tending to influence decisions of officials.
  • Making derogatory acts or personal remarks to the opponents.
  • Deliberate coaching during the game from outside the ground.
  • Leaving the ground without the permission of referee during the match and before the declaration of the result.
  • Referee shall take action according to the gravity of their offence.


For a minor offence such as talking to opponents, spectator or official, shouting etc. a verbal warning will be given by the referee. In case of repetition of offence warning will be given by showing a Yellow card.

For a serious offence, referee may disqualify the concerned players and others from rest of the match by showing a Red card.

Note: If a player is shown Yellow card twice in a match, he shall be forbidden from participation in that match of the particular tournament and also in a next match of that particular tournament. If he is shown Yellow card in two different matches in a particular tournament, he shall be forbidden from the participation for next match of that particular tournament.

If a player is shown Red card in a match, he shall be forbidden from participation for the rest of the match and for next match also of that particular tournament. As mentioned in the rule 2, 3, 4, of part IV, the action (warning / Punishing) shall be taken by an umpire and / or referee. The concerned official shall report the matter in writing to the proper authority (in charge of officials, observer, organizing secretary, convener / chairman / association, referee’s board or secretory general of respective Federation).

Note: Masculine gender assumes feminine gender and singular number assumes plural number whenever necessary in all the preceding parts.


The following should be used.

  • Posts
  • Strings
  • Measuring Tape (steel)
  • Stop Watches (Two on each ground)
  • Two rings having inner diameter of nine cms. and ten cms. respectively
  • Score Sheet Performance Count
  • Time Placard (To Indicate Time Elapsed In A Turn), one to eight in minutes
  • Red and Yellow Card.
  • Marking Powder ( lime powder )
  • Tables & chairs for the officials and players/coaches/managers